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Stay warm with our sweaters from www.seekvintage.com


DIY: Leopard Shoes

Here is another EASY DIY that will cost you under $20! You can basically use any kind of fabric print to change up your old shoes.  I really wanted to make some Houndstooth Flats but, sadly, there was no more Houndstooth fabric left.  I decided to use a leopard print for this tutorial but I am so excited to try other fabrics soon!  Here is an outfit I put together that will go perfect with Leopard shoes.  Watch the video below to make your own leopard shoes :)

Please watch the video below for the steps:


Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas

Time sure does fly by fast, when you're having fun!  I had a great summer and I hope you all did too. I'm ready to start blogging again and start adding more videos to my youtube channel.  I have so many ideas that I can't wait to share with everyone.  I'm going to start with posting some Fall Fashion Outfit Ideas.   For Fall, you need to stay warm and at the same time stylish.
All the outfits revolve around a sweater from my online store: www.seekvintage.com
I hope these pictures inspire you! I am so ready for Fall!

sweater from www.seekvintage.com

sweater from www.seekvintage.com


sweater from www.seekvintage.com Can be worn with shorts or jeans.

sweater from www.seekvintage.com Can be worn with shorts or jeans.

sweater from www.seekvintage.com



Trend: Strappy Ankle Heels

You may have noticed all of the department stores selling them.  You may have noticed all of the celebrities rocking them.  They are sexy, fun, and they come in all different colors/designs.  If you don’t know, I am talking about this season’s hottest trend which is strappy ankle heels!   They will compliment any outfit you wear.  It’s definitely time to stock up on strappy ankle heels, for your wardrobe.   Below are some of my recent purchases for all under $100. 

(Parbal Gurung for Tarket Ankle Strap Heels $39.99)
I love the bold lime green color.  It's perfect for Spring and will add a pop of color to your outfit.

(Combination High Heel Sandal from Zara $49.90)
I love how it is all black with gold heels.  It will certainly work with your outfit for a night out.

(Cap Top Ankle Heels from FreePeople $89.90
I love the silver cap toe in the front and it has thick ankle straps.  Thick ankle straps will make your ankles look smaller.

So, set aside the chunky and platform heel for now and put your best foot forward in these sexy strappy heels!


Dat New New

I finally made my first pair of galaxy high-waisted shorts. I love it! Please let me know if you will like to see a DIY video on it. This weekend I will finally be free to finish all of my DIY projects. I am quite proud of myself for keeping up with this blog, despite my hectic schedule. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions and another one of my resolution was to travel to two different places this year. My first choice was San Francisco and that trip is right around the corner. We will be staying in an old Victorian mansion and our room has a balcony that looks out into their famous rose garden. By now, you should know that I have an obsession with roses! Besides San Fran, we will be spending a day at a Lake Tahoe Resort and wine tasting in Napa. This will be a well-deserved vacation for me. For once in my life, I am truly happy. I’m more than content with who and where I am.

If you haven’t seen on my instagram or twitter, here is our very first bathing suit. I’m in love with it and we already have two more bathing suits in the works. It has been a pleasure working with someone who really knows what they are doing, when it comes to bathing suits. I am full of ideas and it’s nice to be able to email her anytime of the day, and have her tell me that she can make it possible. I’m excited to announce that Seekvintage will be collaborating with more fashion designers. If interested please email us at seekvintage@yahoo.com. We will be attending a few fashion shows in the future and I am excited for the opportunity to meet and learn more about what others have to offer. 


Trend: Leather Jackets

The leather jacket has quickly become a year-round staple piece. They come in all different styles and colors. Most importantly, it is an easy to wear trend that adds a finishing touch to your outfit. The leather jacket works with everything from skinny jeans to floral dresses. Rather you go with true leather or faux leather; they both deliver a sleek and chic look. We have chosen a faux leather jacket from H&M, for only $39.95, and paired it with three different outfits.

Outfit #1: The leather jacket helps balance out this girly outfit. It adds an edgy look but still maintains the cuteness from the skirt.

Outfit #2: The leather jacket is the perfect piece to add to a casual look. It shows that you are trendy and comfy at the same time.

Outfit #3: For a girl’s night out, leave your trusty cardigan at home and add a leather jacket. The night is all about having fun and your outfit should be too.


Soak Up The Sun

After many requests, I am so excited to announce that our very first bathing suit will be available next week.  It will be sold exclusively on  www.seekvintage.com.  Above are some of the pictures I used to inspire me in designing our first bathing suit.   I had fun choosing the fabric and making sure that the designs weren't just stylish but comfortable too.  The whole process has gone very smoothly and it has open many more doors for seekvintage.com.  Now that we are nearing the end, I really hope nothing goes wrong.  I cannot wait to show the final result!


DIY: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are my favorite decorations for parties or showers.  Tissue pom poms are perfect for any occasion.  They are inexpensive, easy to make and looks fabulous in any space.  All you need for this easy project is:

1. tissue paper
2. scissor
3. ruler
4. ribbon or fish ties
5. pen or pencil

The first thing you want to start with is the tissue paper.  Find a color(s) that matches your color scheme for the party or shower.  I'm doing poms for a bridal shower and the color scheme of the bridal shower is pink, lavender and white.  I will be using lavender, pink and white color for my tissues.  You'll need about 8-10 sheets of the 18 x 12 inch paper for one pom.  The size of the sheets depends on the size you want the pom poms to be. 

Next unfold the tissue papers until it's a full sheet as shown above.  Using the ruler, measure vertically, and make a 1.5 inch mark.  This is where you will start your first fold.  Fold your stack of 8-12 tissues back and forth using the accordion fold. 

After the tissues are folded, fold the strip in half to guide you to the center.  The center should be where my finger is pointing at.  Around the center of the strip tie a ribbon or tie the fish line on it.  Make sure you double knot it.

Now you will go ahead and use scissor to cut each end of the tissue paper.  You can either cut the edge rounded or pointed.  I prefer the rounded edge because it gives the poms a softer look.

Lastly, you will fan out the tissue pom.  Spread each side of each tissue away from the opposite side to create a fluffy completed pom. 

Now you are ready to hang your poms.

To watch the tutorial on how to make tissue pom poms click the video below:

Below is a few pictures taken from the bridal shower.

 I love the Ombre Rose Cake!


DIY: Easy No Sew/Glue Turban Headband


 I am in love with turban headbands.  I don't care what anyone says, I seriously think you can wear them year round!  It really is a great accessory to complete your look.  They are really easy to make and there is no sewing or gluing involved.  Here I am going to show you how to make an Aztec Print turban headband.  I really wanted to record a tutorial video but I still don't have a tripod and there was no one to hold the camera for me.  I feel confident that you should be able to still make a turban headband based off of my pictures though.

1.) Take a tshirt that you do not need.  I used an old Aztec print tshirt that I do not wear anymore.

2.) Cut two strips through the shirt.

 3.) You should get two strips like this.

4.)  Cross two strips together like the picture above. I have label the top and bottom of each strip to make it easier for the next steps.

5.) Cross B over to the left and lay it ontop of D.

6.) Next, cross C over to the top and lay it on top of A.

7.) Bring A&C down so that they are similar to the picture above. 

8.) Put your hands through A and grab C and pull it to through A.

9.) So now C is laying flat in between A. It should look like the picture above. Do the same thing to the other side.

10.)  After doing other other side it should look like this.

11.) Take the left side and cross it over like the picture above.

12.) Put your hand through A&C and pull up to put your hand through B&D

13.) So,now your hand is holding four layers of a circular turban.

14.) You are done now! After you put it on, you can fix the fabric so that the inner side isn't showing.

After a few practices, you will be able to make these turban headbands very quickly.  I have already made a few for me and my cousins. The latest one I made was all black with studs on it.  Have fun with this DIY and let me know if you have any questions.  I know I said I was going to blog more and I'm going to try my best but next month will be a hectic month for me.  Every weekend I am book with weddings, bachelorette parties, or birthdays!  Oh, and I have been on a chevron craze lately so that should give you a clue on what my next DIY will be ;)


Valentine's Eve

Hi all! I know I have been gone for a long time but I'm back and better than ever before! I can't believe that it's been a year since I've started blogging.  This year I have so many new ideas that I cannot wait to share with you all. Make sure to keep following me to not miss out on anything.

Anyways, tomorrow is going to be Valentine's day. Valentine's day is all about romance, which leads to the colors pink and red.   Unfortunately for me, I will not be celebrating Valentine's day until Saturday.  So I have put together a possible casual outfit idea for those who are in the same boat as me. Regardless of your situation, enjoy the day tomorrow.  =)

(Oversized Red Cardigan, High Waisted Shorts, Floral boots from seekvintage | Top from Dimepiece)