Dat New New

I finally made my first pair of galaxy high-waisted shorts. I love it! Please let me know if you will like to see a DIY video on it. This weekend I will finally be free to finish all of my DIY projects. I am quite proud of myself for keeping up with this blog, despite my hectic schedule. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions and another one of my resolution was to travel to two different places this year. My first choice was San Francisco and that trip is right around the corner. We will be staying in an old Victorian mansion and our room has a balcony that looks out into their famous rose garden. By now, you should know that I have an obsession with roses! Besides San Fran, we will be spending a day at a Lake Tahoe Resort and wine tasting in Napa. This will be a well-deserved vacation for me. For once in my life, I am truly happy. I’m more than content with who and where I am.

If you haven’t seen on my instagram or twitter, here is our very first bathing suit. I’m in love with it and we already have two more bathing suits in the works. It has been a pleasure working with someone who really knows what they are doing, when it comes to bathing suits. I am full of ideas and it’s nice to be able to email her anytime of the day, and have her tell me that she can make it possible. I’m excited to announce that Seekvintage will be collaborating with more fashion designers. If interested please email us at seekvintage@yahoo.com. We will be attending a few fashion shows in the future and I am excited for the opportunity to meet and learn more about what others have to offer. 


  1. Love that bathing suit, the pattern is beautiful

    Loes x


  2. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it!

  3. Those shorts are incredible and just the kind of thing I'd wear to Coachella next week! x

  4. Love the pattern on the swimsuit! Just found your blog from your comment and I'm very happy I did! I followed you on bloglovin' :)


  5. I've been wanting jeffery campbell shoes for ages!
    the swim suit is gorgeous.


  6. The high waisted galaxy shorts are GORGEOUS!! I absolutely love them, they look amazing. I would totally rock those. :)

    xo, Sarah