DIY: Chanel Drip Logo Shirt

Here is another quick and easy DIY.  I have been wanting a Chanel Drip Logo Shirt, but since I can't afford one, I decided to make one :)

Here is the logo that you will need to print out.

 For the rest of the instructions, please watch the video below.  Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!


Seek Vintage Giveaway!

All you have to do is like us on facebook at http://facebook.com/seekvintagefashion

You can win a $50 giftcard!!

Here are some of our new arrivals:


DIY Bow Bandeau

Hello All!  It's been a long time but I finally have another DIY!  I will be showing you how to make a cute bow bandeau. Check out the video below. Please note that this is my first video ever, so I apologize if it's not the best.  Let me know if you have any questions and have fun!




I have been having so much fun choosing jewelery pieces for my online store http://www.seekvintage.com/  We have two new bracelets that are now available.  More will be coming soon and I hope you love these two pieces as much as I do! :)

Claw Bracelet $12.95

Zipper bracelet available in gold and silver $10.95 



“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.” –Jim Rohn

Hi All!  Sorry for the lack of posts.  I have been extermely busy.  Here is a quick update of what has been going on in my life.  I have been putting the finishing touches on my house and will be moving in this weekend.  I also just got a new job!  Since I'm going to be done with my Masters in August, it just felt right to find a new job where I can utilize my education.  Fortunatley, my new job is also only 5 minutes away from my house.  I also just turned 24 over the weekend.  My birthday was fun and I spent it with all the people that I truely care about.  This has been an awesome year for me!  So many changes going on and I know it's going to get bumpy, but I feel confident that this is where I'm suppose to be in my life right now.  Everything seems to be coming together.  I will be posting more diys and outfit posts as soon as I get settle in my new house.  As always you can find me on instagram @seek_vintage.  Here are just a few pictures from there:

Recent OOTD

Love this stripe peplum dress from seekvintage.com

Turned an old tshirt into a bow bandeau. This will be an upcoming DIY post.

What I wore for my birthday dinner.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” -Marilyn Monroe


$50 Shabby Apple Giftcard Giveaway

Hi all!  It's time for another giveaway!  A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Shabby Apple and we have joined together to offer you a $50 giftcard to shabbyapple.com.  Shabby Apple is an online boutique that,"offers flirty, stylish dresses a woman can wear just as comfortably in the office, at a family dinner, or on a date. "  I love their dresses and their bathing suits!  I am definitily going to purchase a bathing suit from them for my upcoming trips. Now, here's your chance to win a free $50 giftcard. 

The rules are:
1.)  Follow me through google friend connect.
2.)  Check out Shabby Apple and comment below the item(s) you would like to purchase.

Also, if you purchase an item from me through my online store http://www.seekvintage.com/, your name will be entered into the giveaway 10 times.  This will boost up your chances of winning =)  The giveaway will be ending on July 31st.  Good luck to all!


Heat Wave

We are going to be in the 100's this week. Crazy hot weather! Here are some of my outfits I have been wearing to bear with the heat.

Here are some items that are on my online store that I picked out:

Coral Crop Lace Top $15

Mint green pleated skirt $20




New blouses on seekvintage.com

I am so excited to have these blouses available on www.seekvintage.com.   I love the print and how unique it is. They are all brand new and available in sizes small, medium, and large.  I hope you love it too!

Star Print Blouse

Bird Print Blouse

Open Back Blouse

Skull Print Blouse




Trend: High-Waisted Shorts

I love high-waisted shorts and they are a must have for summer. Check out WWW.SEEKVINTAGE.COM to see my whole collection. If you don't see your size available email me at seekvintage@yahoo.com I can do a custom order for you. Hope you love my work.



90 degrees out!

The past few days have been in the 90's where I live. I could live in highwaisted shorts and bandeaus all day. I hope you guys are enjoying your summer. I can't wait to go to Los Angelos and New York but that won't happen until the end of summer.

Make sure to check out my collection of high-waisted shorts at


www.seekvintage.com is now open!

www.seekvintage.com is now open!

 Check it out.  Leave me any feedbacks.  Happy Shopping! =)




Trend: Neon Green

I am loving this neon trend.  I especially love the neon green color.  It's fun and playful.  I also feel that when you wear a bright color, you are just a happier person.  Here is an outfit I pair together.

(Thrifted top that I made an open back for, Urban Outfitters neon green skirt and floral belt, F21 heels)

Here is a neon green bag I just purchased from Target. I am so glad I waited because I got it for only $7.48.


I even made neon green clutches for my online store. I just love the color so much.


more sneak peek..

I will be launching http://www.seekvintage.com/ on Friday!  =)  I cannot wait to share with you pieces from my closet that I love.  I hope to inspire you to mix old fashion with new fashion.  Here is a sneak peak of the high waisted shorts that will be for sale.  Hope you love it!



If you didn't know, I will be opening up my own online store full of vintage clothing/accessories, handmade items, artwork and many other things that I love.  I hope to inspire you to mix old fashion with new fashion.  Here is a sneak peak of a few of the items I will be selling.  I would love to hear your feedback, so please comment below.  Thanks!

Vintage blouses and high-waisted shorts

Vintage dresses, shoes, and purses

Vintage high-waisted shorts that will have studs, floral pockets, lace and much more

Handmade envelope clutches

Vintage floral studded cases for iphone4 and 4s.

Please leave me any feedback below and follow me to hear when my website launches. I hope you are as excited as I am about seekvintage.com


Trend: Print on Print

(Thrifted blouse and belt, Forever 21 skirt, asos necklace, dolce vita wedges)

Hi all!  Here is my take on the print on print trend.  I love this trend because I love mixing prints together.  I think the key to this trend is to make sure that you can blend them together. Make sure to take risks and have fun with it! I have a upcoming DIY post that will be up this weekend! :) 


Weekly Thrift Finds #3

For Mother's Day, I took my mom thrifting. She loves thrifiting as much as I do, maybe even more.  She was the one who introduce it to me when I was younger.  And if you think I'm good at thrifting, wait until you meet my mom.  She's a master thrifter!  I was actually begging her to leave Goodwill after an hour or so, and she still wanted to stay.  Anyways, here are my finds from last weekend.  I love love love all the vintage blouses I found.  I also finally found colored high waisted jean shorts, yellow and forest green.  There were a couple of other items, like a dress and a few other blouses, but I have no time to take pictures.  It's been pretty hetic with school and my home purchase.  I'm going to be closing in two weeks!  Crazy!  I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I won't be able to blog any DIY or thrifting post until next weekend.  Once I get settle in, there will be tons of exciting post, I promise!  Also, due to high demands about buying my thrifting items, I have decided to open my own vintage shop.  It has always been a dream of mine.  So, now I will have two online stores that I have to managed.  =)  Stay tune for more information.  Have a great memorial weekend!

There is still time to enter the giveaway!  See the post below for instructions. 


DIY: Hair Bows

Hello all!  Here is another fun and easy DIY for you.  Cute hair bows that anybody can make. You can make little bows or big bows.  I got the steps from www.domesticfashionista.com.  Usually if I do things a little different I would take pictures, but since I did everything exactly like how she did it, I decided to just show her steps.  Let me know if you have any questions and have fun with it =)  This floral fabric was from a skirt that I alter and I saved the extra fabric.  So, you could just take a old t-shirt that you don't want and use it.  Comment me below if you do try the DIY, so I can see how your bows turn out.  Have a great day!

-Some type of hair clip {or you can always bobby pin it into your hair}
-Hot glue

1. Cut rectangular piece of fabric.  The bigger the piece, the larger the bow.  
2. Hold over the top and bottom.
3. Fold again to tuck in non-sewn edge.
4 and 5. Fold over right and left side of fabric so they slightly overlap in the middle.
6 and 7. Hand stitch the two sides up the center.
8. Pull the thread so that the bow gets cinched in the center and wrap remaining thread around center and tie.
9. Cut a small piece of fabric for the bow's center.
10. Fold over the top and bottom so they overlap and hide frayed edge.
11. Wrap around bow.
12. Hot glue to bow.
13. Hot glue hair clip to back.