DIY: State Necklace

Represent your state and make your own state necklace! I  have been wanting a Wisconsin state necklace  for awhile now and finally decided to just make one.  I spent no more than $10 dollars to make this.  The first time I made one, it took me about 10 minutes.  After making a few more, it only took me about 5 minutes for each one.  They are the perfect gift to give! I can't wait to give them out to all of my friends.  Watch the video below to make your state necklace. 

Materials you will need:

-22 Gauge Wire
- A Wire Cutter
-Round Nose Pliers
-An image of the state of your choice.  You can find this using Google images.  Just resize the image to how big you want it to be.  The image will be used as your template.
-A spare necklace or else you can purchase a chain necklace and then purchase the lobster clasp to connect the two ends of the chain.



Want to learn how to make your own lipsticks? An easy and inexpensive way is to make them from crayons. They are completely safe! Crayons are made for children and are non-toxic. 
Now go crazy and make your own lipsticks!  Watch the video below for step by step instructions.

What you need:
Cocoonut Oil

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