Weekly Thrift Finds #1

I am going to start showing more detail pictures of my weekly thrifting finds :) I am so excited to share what I found and I hope you will enjoy it!  Lets start off with blouses.  I love blouses!  As you can tell, most of my outfit of the day, I am wearing a blouse.  I can never have enough blouses and I usually buy 5-8 blouses every time I go thrifting. 

I usually look for any cute prints or bright colors for Spring/Summer.  From left to right, I found this super cute polka dot blouse, a snake skin blouse, another stripe blouse, a cobalt blue blouse and an orange blouse.  

From left to right, I found this wavy print blouse, dotted print blouse, a teal blouse, a plain white blouse with gold buttons, and a colordot dotted blouse.  All super cute!

But my favorite blouse I found this week was.........

Isn't adorable?  I love the collar.  I was sooo happy when I found it!!!!

Up next, I purchase three high waisted jean shorts.  I'm glad I found a black one.  =)

I'm so excited to share with you this polka dot dress I found.  It's super cute and fits me perfectly.
 There are also a bow on each sleeve.  So cute!

Next, I found a super cute floral romper.  I can't wait to wear a jean jacket over it and a fedora hat.

And last but not least, I found two purses and two pair of shoes.  I love them all!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please comment me below if you have any thrifting finds you would like to share with me.  I would love to look at your pictures.  As always stay tune to see how I style these items.  I know I have to do a better job at blogging.  I should have more time now since this semester is almost over.  Oh and I have some excited news to share with you all.  I put an offer on a house today.  It will be my first home purchase.  I hope I get it =)  You know what that means, more DIY projects for my home!  =)


OOTD on Instagram

Hello all!  I have been super busy this week.  I do work full time and go to graduate school at night.  I have two midterms this week and I have been working overtime too.  So, I'm very sorry for the lack of post.  I have a DIY that I need to finish.  Also, every week after my trips to the thrift store, I will be showing you every item that I purchased.  =)  In the meantime, I have been posting my OOTD on instagram.  Instagram is a quick and fun way to display your OOTD.  Follow me at seek_vintage.  Here are a few pictures of recent OOTD.

Remember to check back if you want to see a close up of all of my purchases from the thrift store. Above is a picture from last Sunday. I will be showing each item one by one and explaining why I purchased it.


Sunday = Thirfting Day!

Just wanted to post a picture of my latest findings from last week.  I have mention before that I do go thrifting once a week and sometimes even twice a week.  I always go on Sunday and then again during the weekday. Oh and here are pictures of a recent ootd.  I got the vintage blouse and trousers for only a total of $10. 

Also, I am going to start selling some items in my closet that I don't need anymore.  Some of them will be my thrifting finds :)  Here is one of the items I'm selling. A super cute polka dot satchel bag that I have never used.  It needs a new owner.  Check out the link to see rules and other information.  Thanks!


DIY: Sleeveless Denim Button Down Shirt

(picture via urbanoutfitters.com)
Hi all!  I have seen a lot of sleeveless denim/chambray shirt for sale at Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, etc. They all range from about $15-$80.  It is definitely a must have item for this summer.   I am going to show you another quick, easy, and affordable DIY for this trend.   This DIY will work for any button down shirt.

First, grab a sleeveless denim button down shirt.  I bought mine from a local thrift store for only $2.99.

Next, turn one of the sleeve inside out.  

After that, cut off a chunk of the sleeve.  This way it will be easier to cut around the edges.  

Then begin cutting around the outside of the seam. When I'm cutting I don't cut both sides at the same time, instead I go around in a circle.  

When you are done, cut the other sleeve.

Then, you are done,

Here is how I wore it.  I pair it with floral shorts and tie it up.  

I hope you found this DIY helpful.  I already cut the sleeves off of about 5 of my button down shirts.  I have to prepare for summer =)  As always, stay tune for more DIY's!


Trend: Colorblocking

 Forever 21 blouse and pants, Dolce Vita Wedges, Modcloth accessories

Spring is finally here!  Colorblocking is a trend that I love.  It's not hard to put together, but if you want to be on the safe side, then just stick to only 2 or 3 colors.  I also love wearing pastel colors together.  Here I pair a peach blouse with mint green pants.  I decided to wear nude wedges to help balance it out.  I put these pictures together for my instagram account. I have been a little addicted to instagram lately.  =)  Add me at seek_vintage. 


DIY: Vintage High Waisted Jean Shorts

 I wanted to show you all a quick and easy way of turning high waisted jeans to shorts.  It only took me 5 minutes to make these and they are perfect for the spring/summer. Here is a collage picture of what I posted on instagram.  Follow the steps below to achieve this look.

First, grab a pair of high waisted jeans that fit you.  The best vintage ones are the ones considered as "MOM" jeans.  I got mine from a local thrift store for only $4.99.

Next, try them on and use a sharpie to mark how short you want it to be.  

After that, start cutting away.  I start from the outside and move in.  You can use a ruler to help you out but for me I did it free hand.

Next, fold the cutted side over and start cutting the other side.

After that, then you are done! 

I folded the edges but you can also use the scissors to snip at the thread to make them distressed.  Afterwards, turn them inside out and put them in the washer.  I am also going to add studs to these shorts.  I just ordered some from ebay.  If you would like to see that DIY please leave me a comment below.  This is my first DIY post so I apologize if it wasn't clear.  Feel free to ask me any questions and let me know if you think it would be better if I record my DIY.  Stay tune for more DIY's.  I already have two in the works =)


1st giveaway winner!

Congrats to Bree from http://vivalabreee.blogspot.com.  She is the winner of my first giveaway.  Thanks to all who entered.  There will be more giveaways to come.  If you are interested in purchasing the black blouse, email me at seekvintage@yahoo.com.


Trend: Floral Print

 Forever 21 Blue Blazer, Ebay Floral Print Dress
I love the floral print trend!  You see it on basically anything from clothing, shoes, and even nails =)  I love it so much that I can't stop purchasing it.  I always come out of the store with something floral related.  I am going to have to show you all my floral print collection soon.  In the picture above, I'm wearing one of my recent floral print purchases.  I was looking for a dress that was cute and affordable.  I found this dress on ebay for only $25.  I was a little hesitant to purchase it at first but I am so glad I did.  The quality is better than I expected and the floral print is GORGEOUS!  I have been receiving compliments all day!  I am going to post the link below so that anyone interested can purchase it too.  =)