Weekly Thrift Finds #1

I am going to start showing more detail pictures of my weekly thrifting finds :) I am so excited to share what I found and I hope you will enjoy it!  Lets start off with blouses.  I love blouses!  As you can tell, most of my outfit of the day, I am wearing a blouse.  I can never have enough blouses and I usually buy 5-8 blouses every time I go thrifting. 

I usually look for any cute prints or bright colors for Spring/Summer.  From left to right, I found this super cute polka dot blouse, a snake skin blouse, another stripe blouse, a cobalt blue blouse and an orange blouse.  

From left to right, I found this wavy print blouse, dotted print blouse, a teal blouse, a plain white blouse with gold buttons, and a colordot dotted blouse.  All super cute!

But my favorite blouse I found this week was.........

Isn't adorable?  I love the collar.  I was sooo happy when I found it!!!!

Up next, I purchase three high waisted jean shorts.  I'm glad I found a black one.  =)

I'm so excited to share with you this polka dot dress I found.  It's super cute and fits me perfectly.
 There are also a bow on each sleeve.  So cute!

Next, I found a super cute floral romper.  I can't wait to wear a jean jacket over it and a fedora hat.

And last but not least, I found two purses and two pair of shoes.  I love them all!

I hope you enjoy the pictures and please comment me below if you have any thrifting finds you would like to share with me.  I would love to look at your pictures.  As always stay tune to see how I style these items.  I know I have to do a better job at blogging.  I should have more time now since this semester is almost over.  Oh and I have some excited news to share with you all.  I put an offer on a house today.  It will be my first home purchase.  I hope I get it =)  You know what that means, more DIY projects for my home!  =)


  1. Kay! You always find great stuff!!! I'm so inspired by your thrift findings that I go to all my local thrift stores to see if I can get anything good too =) Love your post btw =)



    1. Thanks pekay! I tried commenting on your latest post but for some reason I couldn't. I love what you did! I love the turquoise and yellow purse. Great job! ;)

  2. polkadot dress, and floral romper and bag with tassle are perfection

  3. so lovely stuff! I like everything!:) xoxo

  4. such amazing stuff!! i love d polka blouses
    n d clutches n shoes r amazing
    u get some realy good stuff! :)
    chk out my new post on my blog !

  5. I can not believe you found all of those amazing pieces. Gosh I am just itching to go thrifting so badly! I really love the striped blouse.

  6. Great finds!!! Now I want to go thrifting for the third time this week!

  7. AMAZING finds and i need to shop soon too.. cause it has been way too long...I just LOVE reading your posts and your thoughts...
    Thanks for following me at Label me ADDICT. I hope you will take the time to visit me at my new upcoming Food blog at...


    Lots of ♥ D .

  8. that polka dot dress is super nice!

  9. The blouses and shoes are too cute


  10. OMG I love it!
    And I love your blog!:)
    I`m following you from now on!:D

  11. OMW!!!!!!!! LOve it all!!!!! I want I want!!!!


  12. Great vintage finds <3


  13. wow, that's some good thifing job! i myself love to thrift & write about my finds in my blog!