Weekly Thrift Finds #3

For Mother's Day, I took my mom thrifting. She loves thrifiting as much as I do, maybe even more.  She was the one who introduce it to me when I was younger.  And if you think I'm good at thrifting, wait until you meet my mom.  She's a master thrifter!  I was actually begging her to leave Goodwill after an hour or so, and she still wanted to stay.  Anyways, here are my finds from last weekend.  I love love love all the vintage blouses I found.  I also finally found colored high waisted jean shorts, yellow and forest green.  There were a couple of other items, like a dress and a few other blouses, but I have no time to take pictures.  It's been pretty hetic with school and my home purchase.  I'm going to be closing in two weeks!  Crazy!  I have a busy weekend ahead of me, so I won't be able to blog any DIY or thrifting post until next weekend.  Once I get settle in, there will be tons of exciting post, I promise!  Also, due to high demands about buying my thrifting items, I have decided to open my own vintage shop.  It has always been a dream of mine.  So, now I will have two online stores that I have to managed.  =)  Stay tune for more information.  Have a great memorial weekend!

There is still time to enter the giveaway!  See the post below for instructions. 


  1. Great finds! I love thrifting and Goodwill has the best stuff!!

  2. the blouses are so lovely! kisses!

  3. These all look cute! Have a great memorial day weekend!


  4. Your blog is awesome! I'm hoping to start my fashion blog this fall! I love thrifting and i'm so excited to follow you!


    1. Thank you! And stay tune for my online vintage shop :)

  5. These finds look great! I got into thrifting from a coworker at my volunteer job, and it opened up a whole new world for me. I think it's really cool that you can enjoy something like that with your mom.

  6. what gorgeous finds!!!
    i need to go thrifting with you!
    love these!

  7. wow Awesome finds.. i am in love with that bag! :) x angie