$100 giftcard giveaway to www.seekvintage.com

If you do a lot of online shopping like I do, you have to sign up with ebates.com. Here are some benefits of having an ebates account:

-  It is entirely free. Starting an Ebates account takes under a minute and requires only an email address. No sensitive information required.
- Shopping via Ebates nets users cash back rebates (as high as 25%) from over 1,500 major retailers nationwide.
- Browse online stores from the Ebates partner list. Each store lists a cash back percentage to shoppers. Average cash back is from 4%-12%.
- Follow the link to the store you want and shop as normal. Cash back automatically accrues in an Ebates account until a threshold of $5.01 is reached. At least four times a year, Ebates mails a check or transfers those funds into a PayPal account. This is not a scam! No strings, no points to redeem, no mail-in forms or membership fees.

To date, I have received over $200 cash back. Here is an example of a transaction I did yesterday.  I logged into my ebates account and search for Home Depot  They currently have 3% off right now.  I click on the link to direct me to homedepot.com and then I shop as normal.  It’s that easy! Within a week, I will see the 3% discount from my total in my account. 

So, how can you win a $100 giftcard to www.seekvintage.com?  Follow these two steps below:

1.) First you have to sign up with ebates.com through this link: www.ebates.com
     Just by signing up you will already receive $5 cash back! 

2.) You must make your first $25 purchase using ebates.com, to be automatically entered into our drawing.  This giveaway will end on 12/15/2013 and it is available worldwide.

This is a win-win situation for you! You will save a ton with Christmas coming around :) 

Stay warm with our sweaters from www.seekvintage.com


  1. this is only for new ebates members then?

    1. Yes it is but you can still open a new account and make a $25 purchase through ebates. This way you can still qualify for the giftcard giveaway :) good luck!

  2. waw! Thanks for sharing this info. Will give it a try :3

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