DIY: Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue paper pom poms are my favorite decorations for parties or showers.  Tissue pom poms are perfect for any occasion.  They are inexpensive, easy to make and looks fabulous in any space.  All you need for this easy project is:

1. tissue paper
2. scissor
3. ruler
4. ribbon or fish ties
5. pen or pencil

The first thing you want to start with is the tissue paper.  Find a color(s) that matches your color scheme for the party or shower.  I'm doing poms for a bridal shower and the color scheme of the bridal shower is pink, lavender and white.  I will be using lavender, pink and white color for my tissues.  You'll need about 8-10 sheets of the 18 x 12 inch paper for one pom.  The size of the sheets depends on the size you want the pom poms to be. 

Next unfold the tissue papers until it's a full sheet as shown above.  Using the ruler, measure vertically, and make a 1.5 inch mark.  This is where you will start your first fold.  Fold your stack of 8-12 tissues back and forth using the accordion fold. 

After the tissues are folded, fold the strip in half to guide you to the center.  The center should be where my finger is pointing at.  Around the center of the strip tie a ribbon or tie the fish line on it.  Make sure you double knot it.

Now you will go ahead and use scissor to cut each end of the tissue paper.  You can either cut the edge rounded or pointed.  I prefer the rounded edge because it gives the poms a softer look.

Lastly, you will fan out the tissue pom.  Spread each side of each tissue away from the opposite side to create a fluffy completed pom. 

Now you are ready to hang your poms.

To watch the tutorial on how to make tissue pom poms click the video below:

Below is a few pictures taken from the bridal shower.

 I love the Ombre Rose Cake!

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  1. Love this! DIY staff is great way to personalise parties or events with a unique way! This is a great example of that! Definitelly going to try this one:)