I've been tagged!

It's been awhile but I promise I will get better at blogging.  Who knew that buying a house would be so hetic!  I've gone through so many emotions with this house buying process.  I just can't wait for it to be over.  Anyways, a while back I was tagged by Jo from the http://www.thelittledandy.com/.  I'm so sorry for the late response but here you go.  I want to nominate every one of my followers to do this tagged and then comment me below.  I would love to read your answers!  :)
1. When did you start blogging and why?
I started blogging in February of 2012.  I have always love reading other people's blog, but never thought of starting my own until a few close friends convinced me to start.  I just wanted to share my fashion style with everyone.
2. What would you say is the  most covered topic on your blog?
Hrmm, definitily thrifting.  It's a big part of my style. 
3. Do you prefer lace or studs?
Studs!  Lace sometimes can be too itchy.
4. What is your favourite meal of the day?
Lunch.  I'm usually too busy for breakfast and I have night classes so my dinner is pretty plain. I always make sure to eat good for lunch :)
5. Single or taken?  Here you can gush to all of us about your current significant other! =)
No comment :)  I like to keep my personal life to myself.
6. Do you prefer pants and a shirt, or a sweet dress?
I prefer pants and a shirt.  I just like to be comfortable.
7. Are you a coffee or tea type of girl?
Neither.  The only thing I drink is water.
8. What state/province (and country) are you from, and what is your state/province best known for?  (You do not need to specify city!)
I am from the Midwest of the USA.   I guess we are well known for snow.
9. Can you justify spending over $1000 on a bag.  Explain.
NO WAY!!!!  I rather go thrifting with that money!
10. How do you like your hair?  Long/short?  Bangs/no bangs? Dyed/natural?  Straight/curly?
I have always have bangs and now that they are long, I feel that it looks weird on me.  But I want a change so I'm going to try my hardest not to cut them.  I also like my hair long. 
11. If you could meet anyone in the world for a lunch date (and I mean ANYONE, dead or alive, famous or a hobo..) who would it be and why?
Wow, I have so many people I would want to choose for a lunch date.  haha, hrmm I guess if I really had to only choose only one it would be Dwyane Wade.  Especially since the NBA playoffs are starting.  LOL.  I love watching basketball and I'm a big Dwyane Wade fan.  Growing up I was a big tomboy, so yeah I'm pretty much a sports fanatic. 
Hope this help my followers learn a little about me :)  Let me know if you have any other questions and tomorrow I will be posting more fashion related things. 


  1. it was nice knowing more about u!:) I love studs too!:) kisses dear!

  2. Hahaha... that's cool that you want to meet Dwayne Wade...I love basketball too and not a lot of us fashion bloggers talk about sports and such. I'm a Lakers fan though but I definitely am a fan of a lot more than just the players on the Lakers.